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AgMicrobes for crop production is a powerful formula of highly concentrated diverse bacteria and fungi with proven results.

AgMicrobes treated plants promote maximum soil nutrients without needing added artificial commercial fertilizers. AgMicrobes is very affordable, costing on average $2. To $10. per acre, depending on application method.

• 1-3oz. per/acre: Use enough powder to thoroughly cover
seeds. Use at planting for any row crops. Use at planting for
any drilled cereal crops.
• Blend 4oz per/acre with any granular fertilizer.
• 1-2oz. per/acre: Apply as seed treatment when establishing or re-seeding hay ground or pasture.

• 4oz. per/acre broadcast: Mix with 10 gal. of water – may
be used with pesticides and liquid fertilizers
• 1.5 to 2oz. per/acre: Mix wettable powder with any liquid
starter fertilizer.
• 4oz. per/acre: Mix wettable powder with any irrigation

AgMicrobes Helps 
Plants produce letter
Reduce Production Costs
Increase yields
Several species of bacteria
Several species of fungi
Beneficial microbes for crops
Build soil biology
Releases nutrients to crops
Quality at minimal costs
Better soil absorption
Nutrients for crop production
Microbial crop health
New products
All natural

I get an extra hay cutting and more bales with AgMicrobes
C. Ronald, Missouri

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