Row Crops

Row Crops

AgMicrobes for crop production is a powerful formula of highly concentrated diverse bacteria and fungi with proven results.

AgMicrobes treated plants promote maximum soil nutrients without needing added artificial commercial fertilizers. AgMicrobes is very affordable, costing on average $2. To $10. per acre, depending on application method.

A unique blend of microbes gives Ag Microbes the capability to promote faster plant growth with more nutrients. Ag Microbes will significantly increase the quality and yields for your corn, soy beans and small grains, while reducing overall costs.

Ag Microbes for Larger Harvest New Technology for Agriculture

•Promotes Vigorous Germination For Faster Emergence           
•Releases N-P-K Fertilizers
•Decomposes Organic Matter For Larger Harvests


• Produces larger, healthier crops faster
• Increases proteins and nutrients
• Reduces fertilizer input costs
• All Natural – Chemical free
• Use with chemicals & fertilizers
• Increases root mass by as much as 300%
• All row crops are more drought and stress resistant
• Helps balance soil PH
• Works in all soil types

Ag Microbes restores a natural eco-system to the soil. Ag Microbes extends the root system deeper, enabling your plants to absorb more water and nutrients for a stronger and healthier plant. These benefits promote a plant that is more tolerant to drought and stress.

Larger Grain Harvest

Ag Microbes  are microbes extracted from rich fertile environments that process plant nutrients at a higher and more efficient rate than typical strains. AgMicrobes release locked up nitrogen, phosphorous, organic matter and other trace elements into the soil, allowing for a much faster rate of growth.

• Larger root systems able to absorb additional nutrients and water
• More disease resistant pasture and hay field
• Faster Growing row crops
• Increased yields, More Profits

Application: Ag Microbes can be applied using traditional sprayers or in row at planting. Ground temperature must be above 40 degrees.
Apply early Spring when ground temperatures are above 40 degrees  Apply at planting with any row drop application. Broadcast right before or after planting in Spring Apply at Fall planting for winter wheat.
Ag Microbes works well with overhead or flood irrigation systems. All natural AgMicrobes can be applied without moving your livestock.

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