Beneficial Microbes for Agriculture Ag Microbes restores a natural ecosystem to the soil. Ag Microbes extends the root system deeper
AgMicrobes for crop production is a powerful formula of highly concentrated diverse bacteria and fungi with proven results.

AgMicrobes treated plants promote maximum soil nutrients without needing added artificial commercial fertilizers. AgMicrobes is very affordable, costing on average $2. To $10. per acre, depending on application method. Beneficial Microbes for Agriculture Ag Microbes restores a natural ecosystem to the soil. Ag Microbes extends the root system deeper.

Beneficial Microbes for Agriculture

The NITROGEN-fixing bacteria in AgMicrobes soil bacteria and fungi colonize on the plant’s roots to work symbiotically promoting sustainable plant growth by facilitating the uptake of nutrients from the soil. Once the roots are colonized with AgMicrobes, the plants continue to take nitrogen { FREE } from the air as gas, then release it into the soil as ammonia. (24 hrs a day) Treated crops also benefit by reducing or preventing plant diseases, soil-borne plant pathogens and stress due to drought.

AgMicrobes will increase secretions of special enzymes that help convert PHOSPHOROUS to phosphate, which is then easily consumed by plants for growth and development.
AgMicrobes is responsible for the production of plant hormones which lead to a healthier plant with maximum yields.

Beneficial Microbes for Agriculture

My certified organic wheat produced 14 bushels more per acre with 28% increase in proteins using Ag Microbes.
Elkington Farms Idaho

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THE ORIGINS OF AGMICROBES, over the years, have provided growers and livestock producers with quality microbial products for their farms and ranches.

AgMicrobes was founded with a purpose by Rod Reeser. Growing up on a Midwest cattle and grain farm in the 1960’s. Reeser’s goal was to develop a highly concentrated beneficial soil bacteria to increase quality and quantity of row crops, hay, and pastures.

AgMicrobes may be applied with all fertilizers, insecticides, and fungicides.
AgMicrobes is non-GMO, non-synthetic bacteria isolated from soil – not genetically altered.
(Generally Recognized As Safe)
AgMicrobes wettable powder may be used dry as a seed treatment or broadcast as a liquid.

Beneficial Microbes for Agriculture




AgMicrobes restores a natural ecosystem to the soil.
AgMicrobes extends the root system deeper, enabling your plants to absorb more water and nutrients for a stronger and healthier plant. These benefits promote a plant that is more tolerant to drought and stress.

Benefits From AgMicrobes

Systemic resistance to insects and diseases
Increases root mass by as much as 300%
Use with chemicals and fertilizers
Works in all soil types / helps balance soil PH
Produces thicker hay pastures, faster
Increases proteins and nutrients
Grasses and hay mixtures are more drought and stress resistant
All Natural- organic approved treatment

Cost $2.50-$10.00 per/acre
Depending on Application Method:
Seed treatment
Liquid Broadcast
In row at planting
Blend with liquid or dry fertilizers
All irrigation applications