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NEW AgMicrobes Dry Formula
Apply as Seed Treatment at 4 ounces per acre
Apply Broadcast with dry fertilizers at 4 ounces per acre


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Ag Microbes for Larger Harvest New Technology for Agriculture   
•Promotes Vigorous Germination For Faster Emergence     
Releases N-P-K Fertilizers
•Decomposes Organic Matter For Larger Harvests                      
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THE PRODUCT                                                                                                   
A unique blend of microbes gives Ag Microbes the capability to promote faster plant growth with more nutrients. Ag Microbes is an all natural microbial soil treatment with a root stimulator additive. Ag Microbes will significantly increase the quality and yields for your corn, soy beans and small grains, while reducing overall costs.
• Produces larger, healthier crops faster
• Increases proteins and nutrients
• Reduces fertilizer input costs
• All Natural - Chemical free
• Use with chemicals & fertilizers
• Increases root mass by as much as 300%
• All row crops are more drought and stress resistant
• Helps balance soil PH
• Works in all soil types

Ag Microbes restores a natural eco-system to the soil. Ag Microbes extends the root system deeper, enabling your plants to absorb more water and nutrients for a stronger and healthier plant. These benefits promote a plant that is more tolerant to drought and stress.

Ag Microbes is a highly concentrated 100% all natural soil conditioner and root stimulant that is specially designed to add root volume by 300% on average, while decomposing organic matter and fertilizer/chemical built-up in your fields.

*Each milliliter of product populates your soil with 25 million + CFU (Colony Forming Units)

Ag Microbes are  highly concentrated formulas of Super Vigorous Strains. (SVS) are microbes extracted from rich fertile environments that process plant nutrients at a higher and more efficient rate than typical strains. SVS release locked up nitrogen, phosphorous, organic matter and other trace elements into the soil, allowing for a much faster rate of growth.

SVS are specifically formulated to produce a:

• Larger root systems able to absorb additional nutrients and water
• More disease resistant pasture and hay field
• Faster Growing row crops
• Increased yields, More Profits


Ag Microbes Root Stimulator Bio Technology Read More         


Liquid      Rate & Applications

AgMicrobes recommended rate IN ROW AT PLANTING is 4oz. per acre mixed with 4-6 gallons per acre of liquid or water, can be mixed with liquid fertilizers and Herbicides. One Gallon will treat 32 acres.

AgMicrobes recommended BROADCAST is rate is 6 oz per acre mixed with 20 Gal water, and can be used with liquid fertilizers and herbicides. One Gallon will treat 32 acres.

AgMicrobes for Larger Harvests can be applied with any broadcast sprayer application.

(a) Broadcast right before or after planting in Spring
Apply early Spring when ground temperatures are above 40 degrees
Apply at planting with any row drop application
Apply at Fall planting for winter wheat
Ag Microbes works well with overhead or flood irrigation systems

Coverage: One gallon of Ag Microbes when properly mixed will treat 20 acres

Mixing: Ag Microbes comes with Biological Stimulator to support our Ag Microbes. Mixing tank must be rinsed prior to mixing our product. Ag Microbes is a concentrate.

Step 1: Add water to tank first. (Example: 200 gals. water + 1 gal. Ag Microbes will treat 20 acres)
Step 2: Add our Biological Stimulator to the water and mix.
Step 3: Add Ag Microbes.
Step 4: Spray within 24 hours.

Download Print
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Application: Ag Microbes can be applied using traditional sprayers or in row at planting.
Ground temperature must be above 40 degrees.  Shelf life: Ag Microbes has a 9 month shelf life.

Storing of Product: Store between 40 degrees to 100 degrees. Do not allow product to freeze and avoid excessive heat.
Health Warning: Ag Microbes is 100% all natural. Wash hands after contact. If swallowed could cause mild intestinal discomfort and diarrhea.

Do’s and Don’ts: Avoid mixing with fungicides. You can apply with herbicide within 24 hours of mixing. You can apply with a fertilizer if sprayed within 24 hours. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight for long periods of time. Shaded or colored tanks are best.